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Post from Alexander of October 18, 2021

“‼ ️ For months being subscribed to Idriss Aberkane’s YouTube channel , Ph.D I saw one of his very informative videos on money in 3 sequences which I share with you.‼ ️
✔️Money, History, Crises & amp; Collapses.✔️

Money plays a very fundamental role in the collapse or rise of civilizations.
Money is the technology of living together. < / em>

🙂It reminds very well, when a civilization devalues ​​its currency, by spinning the printing press, it is close to a collapse.
I’m just making your mouth water, go enjoy it for yourself.

Please follow the 3 video clips. 😋 Understands re the current financial system is essential to all of us.
His YouTube channel consists of several video sessions on different themes .

✔️La, is not to agree with everything that is said in these videos, but is to listen, reflect and do further study on your own.

Have a good start to the week everyone.🙂 ✔️

Finally: true knowledge power is the key to intellectual freedom when it is known and used.✔️

Okay, I’m waiting for it give me an appointment to discuss.
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My answer

The video is interesting. What Idriss Aberkane, Ph.D & nbsp; says is always interesting. He has a clear look of confidence you might say.

The financial system and globalization are indeed sick. If the currency is currently little questioned, is globalization currently disappearing before our eyes by the partition of economies on a continental scale.

Stopping transport flows for food, for example, is undoubtedly good for the environment. A super tanker can pollute more than a small country. But, the economic impact is starting to be felt on the consumer’s wallet.

I was told a 15% increase in the cost of food earlier today. Add that to the 17% increase in the cost of feeding due to Covid. This would mean that in 2 years, the cost of food would have increased potentially by around 30%. I put this figure with a grain of salt, because are the 2 sums really cumulative? I am not an economist but I put the question on the table.

Anyway, even if we put that figure into perspective at 20%, it’s gigantic. This means that many families already have nothing to eat on earth.

In fact, there is not a shortage of food products, but a dearth of family financial capacity to pay for these products.

When you hear it said, there are too many people on earth, you have to reduce the world population.
It is not a problem of overpopulation versus a problem of underproduction of food, like many might think so at first glance.

It’s just a monetary problem you might say? In part, but not only. I only watched the first Idriss video, maybe he talks about it below. Other streams are also sick, and I’ll mostly talk about the information stream. Today, trust is broken with the vectors of information.

Fake news is gangrene. We saw it with the Covid. What’s the real news? What is the fake news? Before, it was a powerful tool that the Lobbies linked to savings used to stop an innovation (to slow it down anyway, because you can’t really stop an innovation), to manipulate disturbing news and other reasons that may escape us.

The Fakes News if before they were considered as economic weapons, by affecting the health sphere, they created a crisis.

If before these fake news generated doubt, today they have created a global crisis of confidence. We see it on the global subject of vaccination. Some are convinced that this is the solution and others that it is not an acceptable solution. And if we start to lose confidence, then everything will gradually fall under the specter of mistrust.

What does that mean? As Idriss said, money is a tool of trust. And, if the users of currencies manage to lose confidence in currencies because of doubt and the other if these same users come out of their financial equilibrium towards poverty and structural famine …

I am talking about structural famine because it is not a famine of scarcity that is looming but a famine of lack of financial resources to feed oneself for all small budgets.

One solution is to grow your vegetables in your garden if you can. But this is not for everyone. Another solution is that the territories (cities, regions, etc.) or communities take charge of the vital needs of their populations.

Why the territories? Because the process is civic and must be done only by human managers.

Answer from Alexandro

Virginie Guignard Legros

Thank you very much for the intervention.
But one last question,

Will our people really be able to wake up in time and figure out what is wrong?

With our current world, where people consume anything and everything, it takes a long time to put everything in order in their minds.

The simple example is the Squid game series developed by Korea, directly influencing an incredible amount of people who have gone out and bought clothes from prisoners and the like.
People that are found in his characters and reproduce him.
Netflix and its social networks that put us all to sleep.

How do we get out?

My answer

Alexandro KOLANI & nbsp; you have just asked the right question and the best solution. Project the future in a Netflix series and the world will follow you.

Maybe we should call them: NEXT FUTUR SÉRIES? Or something like that.