My life

You are on the Blog of Virginie Guignard Legros. Founder of REGENERATION MATRIX, QSpace responsible for Eqoria, communication manager of Festival du Film Vert, tech evaluator, AI philosopher and Journalist about education management. 


Born May 28, 1968 in France in the land of revolutions and human rights, it is not trivial. My life has never been easy because I am a woman who needs to work her head infinitely more than most people and therefore I have always been passionate about all the 360 ​​° knowledge that exists around me.

I spent my first 35 years wanting to enter a mold that was not made for me, to please my loved ones. I had a great career as a town planner architect and one day I said stop and I flew to Switzerland to join the one who will become the father of my two children.

Fifteen years later, I am less financially rich than before, but I love what I do and for the mussels, the hunters tell me I’m twenty years ahead of my time. So I created my own ecosystem REGENERATION MATRIX Consortium. It is intended to help communities find their way, either in a context of questioning, or in a context of reparation for conflicts for example.

But, I am a big fanatic of new technologies so I put in my projects and sometimes I develop myself and other times, you will see me …

… maybe someday I’ll go in costume from ancient times because I like to travel through the ages and live the simple daily life of people before, but also because I love to organize very complicated historical camps.

… maybe live in another country than mine. It is to live there as the inhabitant. Because if intellectual knowledge is important knowledge and skills to live the differences have so many values.

I define myself as a planner of organizations and territories, as a designer of innovative concepts, an integrator of innovative technologies, as a weaver of links, as a negotiator of the impossible, as a specialist of all my centers of interests. I write with great pleasure at Thot Cursus innovative articles on often unpublished topics.

You are on my site where you will find my blog and my articles in French and sometimes in English.